The Copiz&Partners team has a proven track record of successful international business development for nutraceuticals and healthcare consumer products. True international business development is far more than a good network of contacts. We base this know-how on our core values and ability to:

  • Shape win-win agreements that benefit all parties involved
  • Bring people together to establish and maintain lasting relationships
  • Deliver experience and expertise to the business building process from beginning to end, including:
    • give expert input when evaluating and shaping a concept before introduction to the market
    • generating interest
    • finding compatible and promising commercial partners
    • facilitating technical issues
    • managing negotiations and shaping distribution agreements
    • product launches
    • marketing support and product order placements
  • Close deals and “make it happen”
  • Have a hardworking, persistent, trustworthy and honest attitude towards business

> The 7 Copiz&Partners Product Success Criteria